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Re: Crew Tryouts-welcome letter

Posted By: Mike Guccione
Date: Thursday, 15 March 2012, at 9:12 a.m.

This is a email that went out to all the new people explaining the 24th.

Welcome to the Yacht Racers Resource Center meet-up group. The purpose of this group is to expose people to yacht racing. I will be getting you invites to special events, training programs and of course yacht club parties in an effort to get you hooked on the sport of yachting. Our first meet-up is actually an event specifically designed for someone who is clueless about the sport and sailing in general. Two yacht clubs, Del Rey Yacht Club and South Bay Yacht Racing Club, are putting on a free introduction to yachting class on March 24th. More about this at

What is going to happen, in brief, is you are going to get training in the morning then during lunch you meet about 15 skippers looking for new crew. You will be offered a ride out to the ocean and maybe even do a quick race. There will be some free food during lunch and there is a snack bar in case you are not a hot dog fan. My job is to find you a boat to race on. From experience about half of you will eat this up and about half of those will find this really something you love and will be in the sport for a long time. Now the question is who is who. Most of the new crew coming into racing are woman. There are even races strictly for woman. Age is not really a factor we have an 85 year old still kicking ass on the race course but the average ages run between 25 and 45. Fitness is more of a factor.

There are three main categories of racing and then subdivisions by class of boat. The first are random leg courses they are the most popular as there is the least amount of work needed to be done. Then there are Beer Can Races. Every Wednesday during the summer months is a quick simple race and then a BBQ and trophy presentation party. Finally grand prix type racing: These are called buoy races and this is my passion. This is the most complex part of the sport where a synchronized performance by a team of dedicated team players decides the outcome. Itís very complex and only for these people that are real competitive. I will be looking for crew for our 30 foot racing boat at this first event. So if I just described you make sure you see me. You can do low stress races with boats that go out mainly for fun or if you are an adrenaline junky you can join the high stress buoy racing levels.

Now if you donít find a boat to crew on that very first day you can register at my website at and you can let people know you want to race and also see what skippers are looking for crew. We will also meet every Wednesday night after the race and get the remainder of you on crews.

What we are not is a place to go out for a Sunday picnic sail. There are other organizations for that.

See you on the 24th

Mike Guccione

: New crew keep coming in and we have decided to
: put up a wait list. 75 is more than we have
: boats for. We will cut the list down to 50
: unless we get more boats to take them out.
: Seems yacht racing is of interest to a lot
: of people. We just need to reach out to
: them. JOin our meetup group at
: and then go to yacht racers resource center.
: See the new potential crew in advance. It
: even includes photos and experience. Think
: what could be done with all of the clubs
: pulling in the same direction.

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